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  1. Aruj Mittal
    Aruj Mittal at | | Reply

    great article sir
    although i not agree with this topic in total but i agree on the very essence of this topic i.e. all this point need to be discussed.
    But we must keep in mind that its not necessary that westernisation style is always right

  2. Naveen
    Naveen at | | Reply

    dont think “Hippocratic” is the right word dude… we Indians are basically ‘reserved’… so all the activities that u mentioned do attract some sort of attention and excitement…
    yeah we do talk about westernisation, modernization, blah blah… but in doing so we are making sure the basic ‘values’ r not lost.. which is the main USP of an Indian… so here the ‘society’ plays a major role in pulling back things…
    anyways, what am saying is, westernisation is required but at the same time I dont want that ‘Indianness’ to be lost in the process… it has to be balanced… and we are moving in that direction – step-by-step…

  3. Kamal Mittal
    Kamal Mittal at | | Reply

    Situation 1:

    Just image the same situation of a indian guy and his friend (indian girl) walking down the street in country west to us… will the same 2nd guy who was hiding behind the towel hide behind the towel if he was there…

    i know you your answer to it will for sure be “NO”….

    On this we are on the same page but would probabaly disagree when i pen down the reason –

    He will probably watch those two people walking without hiding behind the towel 🙂 … and he does it because he know the other two whom he noticing will not care or bother.

    THE POINT i want to drive home is that the problem is not with the guy behind the towel but the people who get affected/disturbed/uncomfortable by noticing that other guyz watching them.

    Situation 2:
    Same street, the same indian guy with his friend (indian girl) walks down the street in some other country chating about thier future career plan at 2 in the night,,, will they care people noticing them…

    Now, if your answere is “No” then i think i stand to prove my point

    and if you say “YES” then i think you need to be honest…

    When i say this i dont mean that the indian boy or indian gorl is wrong…

    Ok now just imagine the same pair is in some indian city other than thier hometown studying or working…. will they still be uncomfortable walking down the street 2 at the night… i feel “NO” because in that new city there is no family or relative or elders who would not like it/feel bad seeing them out of home 2 at the night.

    The Couple get conscious in thier home city because it may hurt thier elder’s sentiment (to whom the guy & gurl respect a lot).


    In India there are still those values, culture of mainiting the “ankho ki saram” between the yong and the elder ones…. RESPECT is the WORD.

    ITS not like where a boy of 13-14 years in US say “SKREW YOU” to his dad when he ask he to concentrate on his studies.

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      Thanks Kamal, for the long comment. It seems to be a post in itself.

      n to summarize your conclusion to the scenarios you have depicted here, i no where said that we indians should not be like this. I am just trying to showcase the way we are, without judging what is better, and what is not.

      And, about the “aankhon ki sharam” as you have pointed out, well, how many people actually respect? The respect, in my belief, should come from within and not just as a show ( hypocrisy again!)

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