Quit that drag

Much has been said about smoking, and its ill effects and much has been written about it everywhere. No point delving about that here. Just google for “ill effects of smoking” and you get more than 17 lakh results.

Well, giving up smoking is actually easy, I myself have given it up like a hundred times or more than that. But people never give up. I remember talking to a good friend of mine recently, who was complaining about her smoking habit and how she has tried everything under the sun to get rid of that.

know what, have tried everything to quit smoking, but it just does not seem to help” complained my friend.

Have you tried the patch?” I ask emphatically.

No, that is one thing I have not tried. Not too sure if it would work!

No, it will. Put it over your mouth and keep it plastered”, I replied.

it sure would help a lot other people from your other big addicted habit, talking non-stop!

One other interesting thing I observe with these reports on smoking and the ill effects. Smoking sure is one of the leading causes of many statistics. People from Indian Statistical Institute( ISI) would have been jobless if not for smoking. Now you know why ITC head office, and ISI are both based out of Kolkata? Not a coincidence.

These days, everyday I log onto facebook and I see one of my friend getting married and announcing it there, proudly, some with their honeymoon pictures too. hello, i do not want to see them. Stop spamming. It is a public forum for God’s sake. Facebook has become a terror. Recently, a far of friend of my friend (this is just to keep the identity concealed) got married. (Obviously, why not?)

I happened to overhear them talking privately after dinner at the friend’s place.

I have been asking you to quit smoking for the hundredth time now. Why don’t you just quit?” the guy asks his wife, who is having a good smoke after dinner.

You really ought to quit.” He kept begging her.
She, getting tired of his nagging, said, “I really enjoy a good cigarette after sex.

(Mental note: when did they have sex now? Okay, glutton, you just keep hogging and hogging and do not observe people walking to the washroom together! At least remember seeing them walk out together from the washroom, and you thought they were washing hands, idiot!)
He replied, “But they stunt your growth.
Smiling and lifting her gaze, she said, “you said you have never ever smoked. So, what’s your excuse?

I just leave the place, not knowing what to do, I myself should quit asap.

But seriously guys, girls do not like their guys smoke, and no smoking ain’t cool. Not at all. She hates it, and this anti-smoking ad depicts it perfectly.

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    Oh drats! How chic, my friend. I’d have loved to seen that. I think nearly every room can do with a dose of black; just like everyone wo18;&#a2m7ns closet needs that little black dress.

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