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Quit that drag

Much has been said about smoking, and its ill effects and much has been written about it everywhere. No point delving about that here. Just google for “ill effects of smoking” and you get more than 17 lakh results. Well, giving up smoking is actually easy, I myself have given it up like a hundred […]

Wake up early!

I am generally an early riser. I wake up early in the morning, and like other things in life, I have my own definition for early! 9AM! That’s true. I have always wanted to wake up early at 6AM, go to the gym, start the day fresh, bathe early and begin the day early. Alas! […]

Wikileaks exposes one more thing

Wikileaks is in the headlines across the world these days. And it very well deserves to be. THE US government, faced with the publication on the Internet of a quarter-million cables sent by US embassies in recent years, has responded just as it did when WikiLeaks posted similar troves of secret messages about the wars […]

Impressing girls

Any guy, straight enough, has for sure tried hitting on a girl sometime in his life. Many guys am sure have done much much more than once, and only for that one girl. So how to really impress a girl? Seems like a tough question isn’t it? Well, I am no baba to give you […]