About Bharat Jhurani n the Sphere!

I was named Bharat Jhurani and  Now that you have come in here, i can safely assume that you would want to know more about the blog, and the blogger. Well, you have come to the right place.

My life in snapshot, that is the academic part of it.

Kotak Salesian School, Vizag -> Vikas Vidyalayam, Vizag -> GITAM, Vizag -> BE Electronics and Communications Engineering -> Faculty at TIME – > CAT -> IIML ->  Cadbury India Limited -> Area Sales manager, North Karnataka -> Asst. marketing Manager, Coca-Cola India – > What next?

Yes, that is the question what next? Well..

More about me, well i am on facebook, twitter, and Mumbai!

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  1. Rohit rawtani
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    Hey bhaiya mukesh chacha bol rhe h..plz change yr work @ coke..n plz send him coke t-shirt…ha ha ha

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