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  1. Ravish
    Ravish at | | Reply

    I’m sure poor Shah Jahan would be feeling tormented in his afterlife… what was supposed to be among the greatest symbols of love has been reduced to something that should have been covered in a gigantic condom… i remember another Ad for some cement brand, which showed a girl in red bikini coming out of water on a beach, then the ad copy appears describing the jaan the cement has 😛

  2. UmaSankar
    UmaSankar at | | Reply

    What an article Bharat! I have been for long trying to vocalise the same idea but I was short of the right words to do it…and you have done it so vividly that this post can now be used as an essay for debates, elecutions, and essay-writing competitions and besides all that for the ever (sex) hungry human!!

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      @ Uma: thnx dude!

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