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Adding to the commitment of updating regularly and adding in more features and making this blog more fun, I announce today the addition of a new column. A new talk show, or should we say chat show?


Let me welcome the first guest to the show.BEER!

I know this person from his birth, and exactly 3 years, 1 month, 11 days and a couple of hours I guess from the time I was born. We have shared all kind of memories, and to credit him he has always been there. He was my primary lender during my broke engineering days, and I can completely trust him with all the antics. My partner in crime, please welcome my own Brother JATIN JHURANI.

Claps please.

BJ: So, Jatin, how do you feel coming to the show?

Jatin: I feel exhilarated, and to top it I am the first guest, makes it much more awesome. Thank you so much for the invite, and the honour.

BJ: So Jatin, tell us something about yourself.

Jatin: well, for the benefit of the audience( you know everything bro!), I am just done with my engineering, and am now working with a software major.

Jatin Jhurani
Jatin Jhurani

BJ: So, without wasting anymore precious digital estate, let me get into the groove with my questions.

Jatin: Wait! Before we go ahead, one  KF please .. live life king size. Afterall, it is called BEER with Bharat.

BJ: Cool, KF premium please. Now to begin..

Jatin: Wait wait! ( sipping his beer!). I have a small thing to tell. Rather a small thing I wanted to ask you.

BJ: Go ahead.

Jatin: If on talk shows with coffee, or Koffee, people say know your neighbours, what should a beer talk show say?

BJ: Well, it is not a beer show.. ahem!…

Jatin: know your neighbour’s wife after getting drunk(PJ..:-))

BJ: Jatin, it is a family show, no profanities please. Now shall we continue.

(Jatin signaling to go ahead, sipping his beer)

BJ: Tell us one thing about yourself, which you think not many in this world know.

Jatin: well, lot of things that people do not know about me. But to single out one, I would say, people do not know that I am good, or rather very good to people who are good to me, and well very very bad to ones who are bad to me!

BJ: Whoa! Okay, so be careful guys!  Next question, What kind of free gifts do you most crave, and why?

Jatin: Anything that comes for free and the person doesn’t expect’s anything in return  or atleast doesn’t expect something of the same kind in return. ( smiling!). Which person would not like free gifts?

BJ:  What has been your most frustrating experience till date?

Jatin:  Well, there was this one time. I had bought four tickets to hyd and the waiting list was from 158 to 161 and when the final chart was prepared. My friend’s ticket’s got confirmed but my ticket was at waitingList 1. It could not get more frustrating than this.

BJ: Favourite movie?

Jatin: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, because it shows u the importance of family and Chak De! India because i learnt the imp of having determination and confidence in order to achieve the goal. If u ask me to select one then it is K3G.. after all family is family

BJ: Ah!, So K has one more admirer huh! Favourite book?

Jatin: It has got to be 2States. Well, he tells you different ways to impress your Mother-in –law. Much required these days

BJ: Okay, now we this is some info. Impressing mother in law. favourite holiday destination

Jatin: Araku (a hill station near vizag). The main reason being it doesn’t requires any pre-planning and an awesome place , the temp remains in single digit’s through out the year

BJ: I am sure also because it has some fond memories attached to it.

(Jatin frowning)

BJ: I am talking about the beer we had in the balcony of our room together.  Okay Jatin, tell me this and be honest. When did you last take a shower?

Jatin: Shower… exactly 3:45:42 back(present time 11:42:38am). I am in office right now dude.

BJ: 3 things you would like to do before you die?

Jatin: In no particular order,

  • For my enterprise to go public
  • To propose my life partner at the golden temple.. Rab ne bana di jodi
  • To do some social service, not that because me interested but because my mom loves doing it.

BJ: okay, social service huh! 20 years down the line, Jatin Jhurani would like to be remembered as?

Jatin: As, THE JATIN JHURANI. What else?

BJ: Okay, that was quick. What is one activity you could do all day, and still not get bored?

Jatin: Facebook, Blogging, hours and hours on cell and the cell connecting to one only number. Sorry can’t reveal all the secrets here!

(smiling sheepishly!)

BJ: Sure, we do respect your privacy here. Before moving on, one thing I was curious about. What is the recent spurt in activity on Facebook of late?

Jatin: Well, In this busy life . An easy way to be in contact with people and to get updates of your loved ones. Funniest thing is that people are completed addicted to it today. Let me give an Ex: Recently I over heard a grand ma’s  talk with her grand daughter while in a hospital..she tells her grand daughter, “Sweetheart, please promise that you would look after my farms in Farmville, after I die!!!”

BJ: Totally agree with you. Now for the last question, One incident during engineering that you think changed your outlook on life

Jatin: My friend, not dostana, who kept on motivating me throughout my  final year of engineering. And today whatever success I have, a little credit of it goes to her.

BJ: very well said Jatin, and you have been a wonderful guest. I could not asked for a better way to start this off. I hope, and am sure, I would get you back to the show very soon. Now before you leave, I would ask you for one picture to be taken, to be permanently fixed on this pitcher of fame.

Lots of draught here.

So this was it guys. This was Jatin Jhurani, my brother, for you. I would be back with much more excitement, much more fun, and sure a whole lotsa beer soon. Keep watching, or rather, keep reading.

p.s.: Anyone who would want to be featured here, please fill in the contact form, or shoot me a mail at bharatjhurani (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. Puneet
    Puneet at | | Reply

    Hahaha… Awesome
    I can actually imagine the two of you sitting at that shady place in Vizag next to the bus stand (cant remember the name) and having this chat over beer and peanuts…

  2. Neha
    Neha at | | Reply

    Congrats! So d idea successfully takes a shape! Grt going..

    Get a lil whacky..




    Wish u luck for ur future entries! 😉

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      thnx Neha.. yeah, wil work on ur feedback.. ur interview is soon coming!

  3. Siva
    Siva at | | Reply

    Does Jatin Jhurani Still play cricket ?He was one of the Fav left arm seamers(Tennis Ball doesn’t have a seam ,i know that) around during our cricketing times.He was tricky to deal ,What say BJ.

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      well, Jatin, i think you should answer this!

    2. Jatin
      Jatin at | | Reply

      well siva.. i dont think i was tricky to deal.. but u people weren’t that good in batting..

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