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  1. Varun Reddy
    Varun Reddy at | | Reply

    But “boss”, I am in India, and there are no such laws in India yet. So should I add him?

  2. Astha
    Astha at | | Reply

    ‎”Nobody likes being a nobody. And nobody ends up being friendless even after having 500 million people sign up on a friend request site.”
    – The Social Network
    Nice movie !

  3. Dagar
    Dagar at | | Reply

    is there a difference if your boss will send you a friend request rather than u sending the same?

  4. Neha
    Neha at | | Reply

    U going against your own logic…

    1.) the government is with you( the US government!)…
    do i choose to add ma Indian Boss!

    2.) Think f a khatarnaaak Monday morning!
    m supposed to work on sat.. bt for office m UNWELL…

    nd have frnds lyk u tagging me on FB.. f sat parties!

    can go on giving endless reasons!

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