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  1. Ankit
    Ankit at | | Reply

    Ha ha….finally….you are also getting tamed!!! all the best dude…

  2. Neha
    Neha at | | Reply

    Hey ya…i know who she is, how u guys met and how all this has happened..so i dont need to wait for your next blog…but stupid you gotta tell me the date….and that too over phone!!!

  3. Nidhi
    Nidhi at | | Reply

    y d announcement on 1st april 😛

  4. Abi
    Abi at | | Reply

    Happy fools day!!!! Good try boy!

  5. Neha
    Neha at | | Reply

    Ho gaya?? ya kuch aur kehna baaki he!

    Bad Joke..

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