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    Susniirrpg to think of something like that

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    I love how you can be out on a bike ride on some back road and you turn a corner and there’s a vending machine full of beer. None of this repressive silliness about which places are safe zones or not for something with 5% alcohol. You sit on a rock or bench, have your beer, and you are on your way again. So civilized!

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    Wonderful interview. It made me want to read the Stasi File and see what has intrigued Holly so much. Peter has been a wonderful help to me on Internet Writing Workshop and I have had the opportunity to see a few chapters of Teya’s Kiss. The readers are in for a treat when it is published.

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    Impressive article,the most favorite dialog i like regarding the Hindi Movie is Sholay kitna admi tha and Kaila reply sarkar 2 admai tha,the second would be the Jiske ghar k ache ke hota hai to doshra ke ghar par pathar nahi marte hai.

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    KKKKKKKKKK Ei, turma, ATENCAO: Mia voltou com forca total. Adoro!!!! Efeito dos bons ares londrinos Acho que fui desclassificada, Mia. Culpa do tal chute alto e muito detalhado. Ja vi, pelo post seguinte, que errei o comodo do ap, o jardim em frente e, consequentemente, o lugar…mas, com sorte talvez tenha acertado o nucleo urbano, SW5????

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    Good guide. A note to hunters in air phase: If you want to max your DPS I suggest Swapping constantly from Fox to Hawk. Use Fox for ONLY casted shots and Hawk for any instants while moving. This can get complicated at times but if you have aspects bound to something on your mouse (Mine are Wheel Down = Hawk and Up = Fox) it becomes so much easier. Just a little tip!

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    That’s a clever answer to a tricky question

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