Campaign – Against Eve Teasing

Humein bhi thoda usi najar se dekh liya karo “, a man drools at a girl with saliva dripping out of his mouth, and he laughing along with his friends.
Arrey thoda lag gaya ji.. sorry ji”, rubbing his shoulder across to the helpless woman, a man smiles.
You must have come across these sights in your everyday life. The indian girl as it is said, has to face many a odds, just fighting her very existence.
Eve teasing is a common phenomena across cities, and across classes, and has been there since ever (Guess it is called eve for that reason). The girl just silently suffers and accepts it as a way of life!
No More! Say this young group of students from a local Mumbai college. “Chappal Marungi” campaign is an unique initiative to counter the same, encouraging girls to strike back at the menace mongers.
The campaign literally encourages women to beat down harassment, with the weapon that every woman carries – Chappal. (Sorry, black pepper powder has still not caught on!).
From an advertising point of view, their campaign has managed to create quite a buzz, and using the chappal as the symbolic weapon has gone down really well with the intended target group of women, who completely relate with it. To drive their message further, this group of students has actually placed boxes full of chappals around the college premises.

Chappal Marungi

All the best to their tribe, and hope it increases. Hope the campaign catches up and reaches other places too, where it is equally needed if not more. ( Delhi-ites listening?)

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