India vs. Pakistan – National Holiday!

Tomorrow is a national holiday. WHY?? Tomorrow is just a normal working Wednesday, 30th march 2011. Gandhi was not born on this day.

Ah! I know, I don’t need to explain. The Indian cricket team has made it into the semifinals of the world cup, and the match is against Pakistan. THE MOTHER OF ALL MATCHES.

The match would be beaming over a billion TV’s across the world, and people would all be glued to it not wanting to go for a pee break too, in spite of the bottles of beer creating a ruckus in the belly.

Hope, we get to see more of the match and not the ads. (The broadcasting channels are making a killing, obviously!)

Hope, the electricity department does not play a spoil sport.

Hope, the rain Gods do not come in the way to wash it out. (Btw, having the CM named baadal, this cannot be ruled out, in spite of the summers!)

Hope everything goes on well, and everyone gets a HAPPY chance to make Mr. mallya a little more rich. ( Win or loss, liquor would anyways flow!)

And lastly, hope we get to see the match and not be stuck in office!

Imagine. India vs. Pakistan. A world cup semifinal. In Mohali, Punjab (people are the most expressive there!) and it is a month end of a year end. Can it get any better?? You would be balancing the sheets, and writing reports on what went well and what did not? Well, if you are doing that, your personal life is sure not doing well!

All my friends, across industries, generations, age and sex are just talking about one thing – how do I get a leave tomorrow? Why a leave? Most of the offices are anyways arranging a screening in their offices itself? “I want to watch it with my friends over loads of beer and pizza, and not with a group of grumpy old people”, says Akansha, an IT professional.

I want to be discussing the statistics of the match and not about how many soaps were sold last month”, says uday, working for a FMCG major.

Ah! I am just going to pelo maal in the morning, and head home by 1:30PM max. This would be the fastest month end closing I would have ever done”, Says Dinesh, who works for a minor FNCG company. Right, the cheque bounces can be taken care of later!

Well, need a good reason to bunk your office tomorrow?

DO NOT ASK FOR A HALF DAY LEAVE DIRECTLY, the boss could just reply,  “Okay, take it in the first half tomorrow morning!

It would be tough to believe that you are down with viral flu tomorrow, unless you consume a lot of virus tonight, and actually puke at your boss!

Maybe you can try the “SENTI FORMULA”.

Boss, last time india won against Pakistan, I was at with my girlfriend on the bed, and watching it. Need to do this much for the country boss!

yeah right. Have you already taken permission from the husband and two kids of your then girlfriend?. good luck needs to be replicated my boy!”, your boss would howl!

Maybe you can try this.

boss, I need a leave tomorrow

You F%&^% want to see the match while closing?”, your boss screams.

What match? Is there a match today? Who is playing? I have an appointment with the dentist!

Not working? Your boss just assumes that all your dentures are perfectly fine?

Try this.

Boss, tomorrow is my Charity day. I would do my compulsory CSR activity tomorrow

And how would that be?

For every ball that I watch, my wife has agreed to donate a bone of mine to the dogs!

Well, would not work!

Truly speaking, nothing would work tomorrow. Even if you meet with an accident on the way to your office, and everybody knows that you are not much of a cricket buff, they would still assume that you purposefully banged your bike into the auto.

So totally unfair. Even the PM, and his coterie are taking a holiday tomorrow in the name of diplomacy. Inviting Zardari and Gilani to the match is the best anti terrorism insurance they could think of!

So, forget the reason, just bunk the office ( jo hoga, dekha jaega!), stock up a case of beer and enjoy the show. Aise mauke baar baar nahi aate!

I am off to get my case of Kingfisher premium. A case of 24 pints! nothing less would do!

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