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  1. geeta singh
    geeta singh at | | Reply

    i like the positivity in ur post ..well done!

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      @ Geeta: Thnk u.

  2. Md Muddassir shah
    Md Muddassir shah at | | Reply

    Nice one 🙂
    my first visit to you blog but it is simply amazing. Will try and read more posts

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      @ Shah: Thnk u so much.

  3. The Fool
    The Fool at | | Reply

    Interesting post. Raw thoughts put on keyboard. Btw, are you sure MoBulAri was the only one drunk? You know alcohol does wonders to your writing.

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      Thnk u so much. and about the drunken stupors. well, lets just keep it!

  4. Amropali
    Amropali at | | Reply

    I totally agree with your thoughts on choices and change.

    btw, I am not sure I understood MoBulAri’s stance. does he want an actual sex change? or is he just freaked because of the responsibility that comes with getting married? or was this a drunken outpour?
    or all of the above/something else?

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      Jus freaked out with the thought of marriage! commitment phobia!

  5. aashish sood
    aashish sood at | | Reply

    Firstly, do I know MoBulAri? 😀

    Secondly, well written piece… and an apt stance! and ofcourse the cliche “Change is the only constant in life”

    Do give me your views on my post as well!

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      MoBulAri is just a fictional character.. could be any one of us. ( hint: MBA).

      n got to know of this blogaton through you! thanks!

  6. Meher
    Meher at | | Reply

    I’m sure he must be drunk, and he’s fictional too. Quite a trodden path for the topic, but interestingly written. =)

    1. Bharat
      Bharat at | | Reply

      true.. the character is fictional with a lot f resemblances f ppl around us!

  7. Someone is Special
    Someone is Special at | | Reply

    Very interesting piece, guy’s interest? he must be drunk for sure.. Change for thtat is not accepted.. Smiles, mine is what most people feel in their heart but no one acts to achieve it, Change

    Someone is Special

  8. Bharat
    Bharat at | | Reply


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