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  1. Anonymous
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    >Yeah… who would want to send their kids to this school… Tiny Tits! Call it Humongous tits and see there would be a bee-line for admissions 🙂

  2. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >Tiny or humongous.. why would a parent send his kid to a tits school?? well, unless he has special interests!!!

  3. Anonymous
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    >yeah… tits school dsnt make sense… thats something kids should learn on their own 😉

  4. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Anonymous: true.. they should learn it on their own!! But how do i learn who u r.. without ur name on it Anonymous??

  5. Sanjeev Bolia
    Sanjeev Bolia at | | Reply

    >Right from Independence, India has made a conscious attempt to bridge divides of caste, gender, religion and economic status. This Act is a reaffirmation of Parliament’s commitment to invest in all our children’s education. The Right to Education Act will is not just a symbolic gesture but will be backed up by budgets and education infrastructure investments and will improve access to education to every Indian. Check: http://www.dnaindia.com/bangalore/interview_right-to-education-is-not-just-symbolic-rajeev-gowda_1419089

  6. BRAT
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    >@ Sanjeev: i totally agree wit tht.. but where are the results.. why is the literacy level at such low levels after 60 years of independence?? Why are some states, or even some districts in prosperous states( raichur in ktka) hav such low education levels, directly resulting to high poverty levels?? Just because, those in power do not want to make any change.. it helps their agenda!!!

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