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  1. Gagan
    Gagan at | | Reply

    >Nice one man… something I can totally relate to… I just traveled from Delhi to Kolkata on train… and my train was 3 hours late to begin with… and was further delayed by 2 hours on the way! very irritating.. and very bugging…

  2. Ravish Chaubey
    Ravish Chaubey at | | Reply

    >We thought laloo yadav was the worst we could have for railways.. but Mamta Didi has surpassed all benchmarks of inefficiency and patheticism (i coined this 🙂 ). China is running trains at 350 kmph.. and we are barely able to manage 35 kmph on average. So much for the Chindia comparison.. huh! Great post which many of us can relate to.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    >intresting blog aft a lil hiatus..nyc reaadin it..:)

  4. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Gagan: dude.. delhi to kolkata is quite a distance.. here it was a 8 hr journey delayed by 5 hrs!!!

    @ Ravish: totally agree man!!! didi is too concerned abt india n she is mismatching population control with speed control!!!

    @ anonymous: thnk u so much!! why anonymous??

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