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  1. Arun
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    >amazing post dude! that was a neat analysis of the movie 🙂

  2. IIM ka Sarkari Babu
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    >Read the latest book of CB to know what it emans to be a IIT-IIM grad in South India 🙂 Good one…

  3. uma
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    >I remember reading some news on showbiz about Aamir’s “3 idiots” while it was still on the sets and it was reported that Aamir wanted the entire cast and crew along with the producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and director Raju Hirani to stay on the hostel campus of IIM B to gain some valuable insights into students’ life which would help the movie strike the right chord with its audiences. And this is analogy enough why I wanted Bharat who had graduated from IIM L to present his take on the film “3 idiots” and he did not disappoint me in the least! Look at his flourishing write up presenting a clinical case study of a film review and you will not be surprised with my insistence that Bharat be a serious contender to post a film review on “3 idiots” from amongst zillion others who must have tried their hand at it!
    The movie has found its resonance in many a student’s life who now are ensconced in their respective lines of profession which to them are most gratifying but not without regrets. Ask them to listen to the plangent echoes of their heart and they will admit to never having been in the most inspiring of jobs despite their tall academic exploits. Strangely enough though, I am one of those victims of this brand-fancying society who could not be an engineer coz’ I could not stand up to the maddening competition of the times and still could not make subsequent reparations by becoming a ‘s/w engineer’ as I could not understand the ‘logic’ of spending a life time with a machine in front of me! Result – I was damned and to date I am considered nothing short of a failure if not a heathen! Like many others who were condemned for taking a detour-from-convention career path in life, I too share my life space with them, join hands and reassure this poor heart of mine that ‘ALL IZZ WELL’!!!
    But NO, the movie did not make me cry though it has all the trappings of a melodrama with high sentimental values. For one, it has made me realize that no great man or woman in this world have had ever achieved anything great had it been for the cause of the society. It is only their passion for excellence coupled with constant perseverance that has resulted in the creation of wonders today we revel and exult in. So in more ways than one, I have just discovered the raison d'être of my life and would like to speed up on that!
    P.S.: Bharat! I don’t really think I deserved to have a post dedicated on my name as you might have by now understood that I don’t really hold the qualifications this world requires, to be conferred greatness upon! But I felt happy that I can atleast motivate people to do something great!
    Thanx a ton my friend!
    Good luck!

  4. uma
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    >you are far beyond my expectations bharat…! good job and thanx a ton for the kind words!
    btw, i never taught high school…when was I your teacher?…the only time I came to know about you was when you topped the ICET 2007 (I guess) with a second rank and subsequently when I saw you teaching for CAT students in TIME…also I was not a part of the CAT faculty team when you were a CAT student at TIME…can u please clarify on this!

  5. BRAT
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    >@ Uma: @ Uma: thnk u so much for the long comment!! n thnk u so much for the confidence posed on me, hopefully i hav achieved ur expectations!

    the teacher part was for somethin else.. typo in the wrong window!!

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