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  1. IIM ka Sarkari Babu
    IIM ka Sarkari Babu at | | Reply

    >May be your guilt of having stolen a 5-Star made you realize that if you wanna go to heaven, you got to make amends and give back to the firm what you took from them 😀

    Fetish eh? Ha ha ha…

    You do have a honest sense of humor – I was right in tagging you 🙂

  2. Yemiledu
    Yemiledu at | | Reply

    >“caught a fly on your tongue?” lol
    Nice one!

  3. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Varun: u were totally right dude!! it was fun!!

    @ Archana: thnx

  4. uma
    uma at | | Reply

    >hi Bharat! Wish u a happy and prosperous New Year 2010!
    can your blog readers expect more sequels to your Love Story?
    btw, your latest blog post is good too…keep going!

  5. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Uma: wish you a happy new year too. sequels to the love story.. hmmm!! shld start workin on it.. thnk u so much!!

  6. neha
    neha at | | Reply

    >read ur blog after a really long time..u knw it! realized what I had been missing 🙂
    Now that's too much! But then its New Year, I have decided to be extremely sweet ( ya,more than the usual me (impossible, I knw..but then targets have to be set high :), right! )..

  7. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Neha: thnk u so much for all the accolades (i m takin them in the right spirit!! )

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