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  1. Vamsi Dasetty
    Vamsi Dasetty at | | Reply

    >Lolz..Awesome articulation dude..:-)
    U can compete with Chetan nw..

  2. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ vamsi: thnx dude.. but m sure i still hav way to go!!

  3. uma
    uma at | | Reply

    >hi bharat…Umasankar here…been through your latest blog posts and I must admit that it has been an exhilarating read all through! I really cannot wait to read the sequels…the narration has been wonderfully complemented by lucidity of thought and an unusual transparency in writing which takes the readers' imagination to a different level of reading experience. I feel you can now collate all your experiences marking your tryst with life and destiny and compile the same into a book which I am sure would make for a compelling read for the younger generations…great job dude…keep it up!

  4. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Uma Shankar: Hi Sir, thank you so much for all the accolades. n thank you so much for the inspiration for the book.. hope i live up to the expectations!

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    >Finally read brats..
    I must say.. u r t next chetan bhagat.. 😛

  6. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Anonymous: Thank u so much!!! 🙂

  7. Naveen
    Naveen at | | Reply

    >Hi Bharat..
    Wonderful story with a very funny and apt ending. Its got all the needful. True to its flow, the analogy thats been adapteed so convincingly in three "heart-saying-read on-read on" paras.
    PS: Ur blog rocks…Keep posting…

  8. kilua
    kilua at | | Reply

    >That was awesome sir ….
    especially the last line ….. 🙂

  9. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Naveen and Kilua: thank you so much!!

  10. IIM ka Sarkari Babu
    IIM ka Sarkari Babu at | | Reply

    >I thot so… i thot so… u and working so hard for a girl seemed like zehar! some hints dropped in between helped… good man, good.best one i read so far from anyone's stories!

    bhagat? Dude u can compete with forsyth and archer!

  11. R*e*N*u
    R*e*N*u at | | Reply

    >Amazing 🙂

    Waiting for some more good blogs from your end 🙂

  12. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Varun: thank you so much dude.. n true, itna fight to kabhi nahi!!

    @ Renu: thank you so much!! sure

  13. Deepak
    Deepak at | | Reply


    – Deepak Karamungikar

  14. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Deepak: thanks!

  15. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    >Man i cant believe this!!! U r really good!!! I was really thinking something else until i read it till the end… Man i wish you all d best… I'm sure you'll go great guns…!!!!

  16. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Neha: thank you so much!!

  17. Vamsi
    Vamsi at | | Reply

    >Dude.. like I said it before.. but now it goes on Record.. Friggin Genius.. God Bless.. Let the fiction roll.. 😉

  18. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Vamsi: thnk u so much dude!!

  19. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    >r u still single..lolz:)))

  20. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Anonymous: well, these are the kind of comments one would want. n a lolz to go along.. awesome!!! feels very lifting up the spirits!!!

  21. Kartika
    Kartika at | | Reply

    Simply Superb!

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