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  1. dharmu
    dharmu at | | Reply

    >*seen doing jeetendra steps around the lobby in the office*

    -me first, me first-

    hey BJ, nice post.and how far has ur dhai kiloka haat gone, uh?

    as far as movies, i am a movie addict, was always crazy for first-day-first show.

    but now, i watch it online, not much fun but as no other entertainment, started watching movies from 50’s.

  2. Ramya
    Ramya at | | Reply

    >hey… i really enjoy commenting, unlike most of my friends, so i hope you dont mind too much. s’always gr8 fun reading your blog, and this one was esp. funny, the washerwoman’s son… struck a chord since i’m often left in the same quandary! 🙂

    how long does your ind training last?

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