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  1. Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor at | | Reply

    >oh schadenfreude, oh schadenfreude, how lovely is your drama…

  2. sowmitra
    sowmitra at | | Reply

    >ya agree with abt the kavya issue..
    the poor girl has made to suffer a lot(which she does not deserve entirely)…

  3. dharmu
    dharmu at | | Reply

    >India Today- guess u r inot its marketing now ?
    jeez, mein kya kuch mahino keliye amria chali kya gayi, india mein log faltugiri karna shuru kiye?

    hey, nice post macha.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

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  5. Bharat Jhurani
    Bharat Jhurani at | | Reply

    >@Robert : Thanx robert, i gotta improve my vicab by a word.. and plz, i m not a sadist…

    @Sowmitra : Atleast someone agrees wid me on the kaavya issue…

    @Dharmu : No, no dharmu i m not ‘yet’ in the mktg dept of INDIA TODAY, but it certainly is a gud mag..

    @ANONYMOUS : I m really grateful 4 the info, but would b more grateful if u had left ur identity.. Nd if its a spam, plz ignore it…

  6. Raghav
    Raghav at | | Reply

    >Kavya would be glad 😀

  7. The Bean Counter
    The Bean Counter at | | Reply

    >Abt Congress I being desperate for BC votes in the UP elections….
    Following are likely to result in the rout of the congress –
    1)With “forward” castes forming 30% of the population, the congress has just ensured that 30% of the population vote enmasse against it and its allies.
    2) The “backward” castes have forgotten that a party called Congress exists 🙂

  8. Bharat Jhurani
    Bharat Jhurani at | | Reply

    >@raghav : Hmmm, hope kaavya is glad at me..:-D

    @The bean counter : After racking up my small brain completely, i still don’t understand y BC’s would 4get abt congress??

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