Fail to Plan.. Plan to Fail.

Been forever that i have scribbled anything here. A full six months. A lot had been going on in these 6 months. A change in role, new pursuits in life and a gamut of new experiences. All good.

But still. This is no reason for me not writing anything here. No matter what, some things still need to be pursued. And this requires planning.

This just proves again the importance of planning. I had read this cliched saying during my growing up years – “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

Nothing can be more true.

Lack of a plan implies that you would have to do whatever comes up with no clear destination to get to. Yes, you would get somewhere and maybe that somewhere would not be all that bad, but still – It is not as per your plan. Maybe not as per your ambition. Your dream.

Planning, be it for a long time frame – like where would you want to be in the next 5, 10 years, or even the seemingly simple thing like – plan for the weekend, is important. Having a plan, and sticking to it as much as possible, help drive productivity.

Of course, there is a need to build some form of flexibility in the plan to mitigate any external disturbances or unforeseen circumstances, but largely things do go as per envisioned if enough efforts were spent in planning.

I have been trying to follow this simple method – first thing in the morning, plan the day to the last tee and note it down, and then evaluate the happening at the end of the day. You would observe that gradually within a couple of weeks you are much better at gauging how the day would go. you would be in far better control of your own time and be far more productive.

In this regimen, you would always find time to write something here, without missing out on any important life event.

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