The next Fifty Days

Fifty more days to write the continuation piece to the previous post. Life sure is running at a breakthrough speed and managing it all, without letting any ball fall has kept me quite busy.

Today, on a Sunday evening, I feel relatively free. Though, I am having to do this as a trade off with spending time on our own personal café in the green balcony.

So, what exactly has been happening these days? Well, to start with I have a new role in office, which is in addition to the new role of Husband. The new role and the fact that this is peak summer time translates into long office hours, and busy weekends.

Business trips to Mangalore, Bangalore and a couple of quick trips to Lucknow filled in my quota of being up in the air. The more I travel, the more I realize that this is one part of the job that I really enjoy. Visiting different places, meeting new people and learning new things is all so much fun. This in spite of the fact that in most official trips I don’t get to visit even a single tourist attraction in the city. The spell of being in a new city, with a different culture and a different way of life in itself gives me the high.

A quick weekend trip to Sujangarh for a cousins wedding kept me off for a couple more days. Peak summer days did not help a bit. The meeting up with family made every minute of the trip worth it though. After the trip to Maldives, and the three week long holiday for the wedding, these are the only kind of trips that I would be able to take off for this year.

Back in Gurgaon, House shifting in early April implied even more busy weekends. House shifting, in spite of it being in the same complex can actually get quite hectic. What with all the boxing, and unboxing, running around for the minor repair and some not-so-minor repairs. Happy to say that it is all over now, and we have settled into the new place.

This is it for now. Off to my café, to my Passion Fruit iced tea to ward off the heat. Happy Summers!

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