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    Your post is a timely cobotinuritn to the debate

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    Nameste. That is, “this is a Holy season for me, and in that spirit I am offering you a well wishing coming from my belief.”When I offer the same wishes to someone I know I tend to style it so that it fits both of our faiths. So, the Hindu co-worker gets a “Blessed Holiday”. He smiles and offers a blessing back knowing that I offer such wishes only during my holy season and not his. Further, I know he appreciates the fact that I am aware of his faith and that I offer those holiday wishes in a manner that allows him to share in the act.

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    Hi Sean,I just want to say Happy New Year in case I do not get a chance. Detours and roadblocks prevent us from us there to where we want to go…Maybe that will be my next poem..Detours and Roadblocks…if I do write it, I will dedicate to you…cheers…You truly have become my 2011 inspiration for living, loving and learning…-Anthony

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    Hi South Paw Beagle! Looked up “Jim Bunning and Tough Shit” in the WordPress search and found your site. I am so happy to find people who think as I that the Rethuglicans are batshit fu**ing nuts! In my 48 years I never thought I’d see such a bunch of hypocritical, lying, cheating, stealing robonuts as the GOP! Thanx for a site where we can let off some steam! Love, Joanaroo

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    Great post! I haven't told many people this, but I used to belly dance. It was the whole thing about being married to an Arab. LOL!! Before that I really loved to dance to rock n' roll. LOL!! I think I was pretty good at both, but it has been a long time now! If I try to dance now, it is so hard to get going.

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    I don’t think you are smoking crack. I do think that Noriega now cares more about getting along then standing her ground. However she is a nice lady, she will meet and talk to you. I respect the family. I would also hope that she becomes a little more aggressive but that is just me.

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      Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend fiuingrg this one out!

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    Jan, You can substitute brown sugar for white (you mean mascobado, right? Not piloncillo. Brown sugar is fine, the taste will just be a little different–probably better!

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