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  1. Puneet Gulati
    Puneet Gulati at | | Reply

    What piques us (elites, if I may say so) about IIPM? There are thousand institutes like it and I have not come across any questions on their stamped degrees.

    Enter any non-MNC office and you will see a lack of well-dressed, do-as-you-are-told,moving-as-a-fly troupe of young people [you do see such people in MNC offices, they hire from IIMs, pay more, much more…but that’s another story]. There is a huge demand for stamped certifications among the Indian populace, and not all of them can afford to go to do tom-di@@-harry courses in LSE and Amreeka after a 60 %ile in CAT. IIPM brings these two together, and I think does a good job of it.

    It’d probably be making money without the bad press (maybe bad press helps, who knows) had it not published ads saying what it did about IIMs.

    All the best Mr Arindam, make money with humility, elites won’t mind you then.

    1. Bharat Jhurani
      Bharat Jhurani at | | Reply

      @ Puneet: true, nothing comes up against those thousands of institutes, coz they do not do it on this scale.

      I don’t deny that the craze for stamped certificates has created a very good market.

      My only concern is the way in which innocent parents, and the children, are promised stuff which is not actually there. Every candidate cannot go about doing the complete investigation, and when the journalists do it, they get sued! There stands the irony and the anger!

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