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  1. A
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    Nice piece!!! First jar of condoms will surely get delivered to you!!!

  2. A
    A at | | Reply

    Who is this other “A” in the blog/post?

  3. Varun Reddy
    Varun Reddy at | | Reply

    Condoms in JArs? Arey India ka population already jyaada hain bhai !!!

    1. Bharat Jhurani
      Bharat Jhurani at | | Reply

      isiliye to.. it is all the more important for condoms to be easily available!!!

      1. Lesa
        Lesa at | | Reply

        It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exisetpre answers. Thanks!

      2. http://www./
        http://www./ at | | Reply

        #4 these to fukkas make me sick…Layin up havin babies and shit but dont want to get married.What kind of fukkin example are they settin for the kids…Puffy(that Diddy shit is wack)need to sit is old ass down somewhere… The only reason he “chillin” with Kim is because he see Jay and Bey runnin arond together and the mothafukka tryin to compete with his bitch ass…

      3. http://www./
        http://www./ at | | Reply

        I love that you’ve battling a problem and contributing to employment, something that’s desperately needed right now. Somehow I’ve missed you so far in this blog challenge, but I look forward to having a minute when I can read through what you have written so far. Good luck! And, I’m laughing about the Argentinians…something about the way you wrote it.Kimberly recently posted..

      4. http://www./
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        Gee willikers, that’s such a great post!

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