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  1. tej
    tej at | | Reply

    too good thats a nice,soft spoken bitter truth in a funny way…

  2. Ankana
    Ankana at | | Reply

    Hmmm…quite insightful..am sure your girlfriend must be doing half of this (or is it that her doing all these has instigated you to put this blog :P, oops!! no emoticons)…Hope your girlfriend does not read this…or else you are in for D…Good luck…

  3. Name (required)
    Name (required) at | | Reply

    Dude! atleast credit the original article from where you picked up the lines!

  4. Neha Chtilangia
    Neha Chtilangia at | | Reply

    @anks did u hear… his gal has ratified this one.. nd she isnt so immature & dumb!!!

    poor other gals who are..

    Guys love neck rubs and if he lets you keep doing it, means that he really likes you!!!!!!!! whaaaaat were u thinking bharat!!

  5. Ankana
    Ankana at | | Reply

    @Neha: Point to be noted here is that his gal is not SO immature and dumb….dumb and immature nevertheless…..
    @ Brat: Don’t come up with the lame thing that gals are dumb and immature..just the degree varies…..but yes…your gal has to be one of them to be dating you….

  6. Ankana
    Ankana at | | Reply

    Hmmm..Girlfriend effect and all…you also have started using funny pictures in yellow 😛

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