catching up in 2011

In spite of the many promises, I have still not kept my date with you and am really sorry for that. My apologies.

The first month of the new decade has been quite interesting, tedious, happening and to say the least quite engaging. I have been out of Bangalore for more than half of the month, and thus was not able to reply and post online in the normal frequency.

Right now, am posting this from the train, on my way back to Bangalore. And here as I travel, and write, my next trip is being planned again, after 10 days. The itinerary is being planned, as messaged. Well, this is life, and not that am complaining.

Train journeys have always intrigues me, and to get a real insight into the real india, I prefer travelling by sleeper class. This is where the real india, the rural india travels. This is where I get to meet the mango people – the aam junta of our country. This is where I get to see the behavior of the future of the country, the majority of the country.

But today, on my return journey back to Bangalore, I am in the ac compartment due to ticket availability issues. Nevertheless, no train journey in india can be without its own set of stories. Its own set of people. This train comes all the way from patna ( bihar) to bangalore, and this only makes it more interesting.

By the way, if the sleeper class gives an insight into the real Indian, the ac compartment delves on the slightly upper SEC, and well better looking women. Though, I generally am not lucky in this regard, of having the solemn company of good looking women while travelling, inspite of the frequent traveler status that I would soon would be conferred, today was different.

My whole berth, is occupied by people of the opposite sex. Most of them engineering college girls, one from VIT, 2 friends from some engineering college in Tumkur, one from a small town in bihar coming here to see her sister and 3 more from an engineering college in Bangalore.

It is quite insightful to see the very apparent difference in the different girls, purely based on their backgrounds, and their present occupations, the present place of stay and the likes. This calls for a complete post, and would do it soon.

Till then, am off, to get some more insights on this wonderful mix of women. Beep! Beep! My phone rings on an incoming sms. I am totally loving it.

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  1. shakti
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    You are sitting in the right train ! from patna and now to patna soon πŸ™‚

  2. Bharat
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    @ Shakti: yeah, hopefully!!!

  3. Neha
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    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Bharat
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