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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    >u should be sued for copying all the content on this one!
    that too from an email forward from IT ppl???

  2. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >really.. please check the mail Mr. Sharma.. u wil realize the content!! n please forward it to me too!! n IT!! well, what targets would IT use??

  3. praveen kumar g
    praveen kumar g at | | Reply

    >Very Nice….I am waiting to see the BRAT's name on book covers soon.. kab shuru karoge kitaab?

  4. Vamsi
    Vamsi at | | Reply

    >My main man BJ!(damn its been long since I've said that),

    To have followed your blog in anonymity all this while due to the sheer ignorance of how to "follow" you officially has been one hell of an experience for me my friend.

    Day 1 in college to Day [ {365(days) X 4(years)} – {X(bunking classes) + Y(sleeping in classes) + Z(staying over at the hostel)} ] – you've come a long way bro.

    Its been a pleasure reading your blog and hope that it will keep us all entertained for long time from now. Cheers !

  5. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Praveen: soon dude.. soon!!

    @ Vamsi: Thank you so much dude. really touching!

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    >thoroughly enjoyed readin this blog..amazing creativity..:))…

  7. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Sanjana: thank you so much!!!

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