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  1. G.G.Srivastav
    G.G.Srivastav at | | Reply

    >Amazing..Felt like reading the entire indian history in one page…very succinctly put.

  2. AB
    AB at | | Reply

    >Quite brilliantly put and yes, dear friend, politics is the ultimate drama in India; also in reference to your previous post, dude, who needs Indian soap operas to be watched and re-watched, when u have the mother of them all soap operas in the Rajneeti of India! 😛

  3. IIM ka Sarkari Babu
    IIM ka Sarkari Babu at | | Reply

    >baap re… what length man!poora history likh diya tune toh!

  4. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Srivastav : Thnk u so much dude!!

    @ AB: actually. should hav included this point in this article. Politics could b the reason for non performance of the indian soaps!! lol

    @ IIM: han! Comprehensive!!

  5. Shweta
    Shweta at | | Reply

    >Hey Bharat… have been reading some of your posts lately, thought of posting a comment today 🙂
    you write well and are getting better at it! keep the spirit going…

  6. BRAT
    BRAT at | | Reply

    >@ Shweta: Thnk u so much!!! Keep the comments pourin in.. Helps to keep up the spirit!!

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