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  1. Creator !!!
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    >Nice post !

    and a high level of modesty being shown as the most probable target for HAs and PAs. (Recall the Monal incident)

    Good job with the analysis though 😀 …. keep it up

  2. BRAT
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    >@ Creator: yeah dude abhinav.. thnk u so much! Hope the same happens to you also.. n srk actually making Auntie ne bana.. on you!

  3. Anonymous
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    >hey its me jyoti…commenting….i didnt knew how to that….well nice post i keep reading ur blogs now n then….and i completely agree with u …..these gatherings….i was a target once..lols…god bless me i am married now….

  4. BRAT
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    >@ Jyoti: yeah, have started avoiding them to some extent!! Lucky you!!!

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