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  1. Avanija
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    >You did not specify if it is for drivers of right-handed cars or left-handed

    Not just an MBA,an idle mind can do it to a person as well 😉

  2. Bharat Jhurani
    Bharat Jhurani at | | Reply

    >I said jugaad mind of INDIAN consumer.. so it is for the Indian drivers..

    n well, an MBA is as gud as an idle mind.. jus projected as a busy person!!!

  3. Betsy
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    Enhitlgening the world, one helpful article at a time.

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    Lib,“Would you rather we just add it to the rich guy’s tab?”I don’t give a flying f*ck. As long as I don’t have to pay for it, I could care less who picks up the tab.

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    Grade A stuff. I’m unquestionably in your debt.

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    Nhìn đen thùi lùi hén , nói về củ cải đen thằng bạn chị nó có 1 ” chuyện ” rất mắc cuoi27 )

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