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    >nice article! but its hard to understand how it always happens the same way! when we were in college, we never wanted our industrial tours to be strict, presentations to be made after that and all..we like them the way they are (picnics or whateva) but when it comes to advising our juniors we’re right on target and making them lose all the fun??

  2. sandu
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    >i’ve also been contemplating on this alumni committee thing since a long time..but i dont think it’ll materialize..we know the kind of people that are present in Gitam..a few days ago, i needed some letter from the college, i called them up several times, took the help of a junior, faxed them some letter requesting for the help but no use..those people are not willing to accept any changes..the point that u made is very true – Gitam doesn’t knw how to capitalise on its huge alumni base..if only it could, it’d a great boon for the college..also these committee guys cud also come out helpful for people like us whenever we need to communicate with the college..neways..great thoughts and a great article..purely professional especially the last part ( the author is a passout…)..u rock dude..

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