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    AJEYA RAO at | | Reply

    >Cool looks like time is moving fast for you……Do u get time to enjoy at all?

  2. Varun Reddy Sevva
    Varun Reddy Sevva at | | Reply

    >hmmm… nice one man.. sums it up.. wat abt the section party?? when will u write on that??

  3. Bharat Jhurani
    Bharat Jhurani at | | Reply

    >@Ajeya : Yeah, time sure is moving at a fast pace, but its fun!! Enjoying!!

    @ Varun : yeah.. thts next on the pipeline. Don worry your missing tooth also would figure in it!!

  4. Varun Reddy Sevva
    Varun Reddy Sevva at | | Reply

    >hey anna…

    wat thnks raa??? u r a real motivator man… keep rocking!! and where is the details on the section party raa.. please write when u r free.. i wanna know what happened to me that day


  5. lalitha
    lalitha at | | Reply

    >nice to get an inside take on life at a B-school… gud 1!!

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