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  1. vibhor
    vibhor at | | Reply

    >hi buddy..
    nice to go through ur placement story…
    so sad of not having hat -trick(hey dont take me wrong) im just kidding… i can feel hows the excitement of giving ur interveiws n all nad now finally you are in that organising committee..
    have a great life ahead…

  2. Sameera
    Sameera at | | Reply

    >nice narrative

    AJEYA RAO at | | Reply

    >Nice. So when do we get the treat?

  4. garcia kafka
    garcia kafka at | | Reply

    >man u self-deprecate ur talent in such a witty way.. Kudos dude.. Csc is lucky to have u.. Bad luck for the other two who beleived u were too qualified..

  5. mona
    mona at | | Reply

    >hi dear,
    congratulation and celebration…

  6. mona
    mona at | | Reply

    >thanx for welcoming me dear…

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