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  1. navneet
    navneet at | | Reply

    >congrats dude..for exercising your vote and for passing as well.
    8.4 is meagre??? since when?

    anyway, who did you vote for…kidding man 😀

  2. Priyank
    Priyank at | | Reply

    >Hey BJ!!
    Great to see your post, post of a responsible Indian.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    >Hey BJ,good to hear tht u hav finally used ur funda”mental” right….but sad to tell u it will make no difference to who runs our country…very pathetic state our country’s GOVERNMENT..
    Congrats for passing in ur exams and all the best for ur future

  4. Bharat Jhurani
    Bharat Jhurani at | | Reply


  5. Raghav
    Raghav at | | Reply

    >My 1st time voting was an exp as well..hope LP can make it next time!

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    >That’s a great story. Waiting for more. Tiava &aposs pornstars accounting

    1. Han
      Han at | | Reply

      Check that off the list of things I was cofsenud about.

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