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Mindset Change Required

December has been one helluva month. A quick day trip to Ahmedabad in the first week of December, and then a week long trip to Gurgaon. Yes! Mentioning Delhi shames me! On the fateful day of 16th December, I was in Delhi and was scheduled to return back to Mumbai. Little did I know that […]

Who let the dork out – Book Review

After reading Sidin’s first two books, and following his blog for a long time, reading this book was an obvious for me. I had pre-ordered this one online, and was waiting eagerly to grab my hands on it. The book 1 in this trilogy (are there more Sidin?) sets the pace and the characters beautifully. […]

Inside Coca-Cola – Book Review

Autobiographies have been my favorite genre for a long time. More so if the story is more of a general recount of happenings during a particular stint rather than a history of the entire life of an individual. Inside Coca-Cola: A CEO’s life story of building the world’s most popular brand, By Neville Isdell perfectly […]

The Bankster – Book Review

There are many reasons we pick up a particular book. Reasons ranging from nice cover, to good reviews, we have all been there done that. One of the most pivotal reasons buying the book is – the author. After having read Ravi Subramanian’s all previous book, I was eagerly waiting for this one, and I […]